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Suspension Set-up Service

This is a ride in ride out service for £40.00. 

I Inspect and adjust SAG / pre load, rebound damping, compression damping for front suspension and rear suspension including a chain adjustment check (chain adjustment extra). These adjustments will take into account your feedback as the rider.

If after riding your bike you feel some fine tuning is required then simply return or call to discuss final settings.

The final set-up will give you a motorbike with balanced suspension, correct geometry, and optimised rebound / compression settings to suit your weight and style.

Your bike will then:-

  • Enable you to enter corners with ease and feel.
  • Promote mid corner confidence.
  • Hold a line when powering out without wallowing or under steer
  • Improve tyre wear and performance.
  • Remove feelings of being hard on the one hand or mushy on the other.

Who is it for?

  • Those who lack the confidence to adjust the suspension on their bike.
  • Those who want to make sure that their bike's settings are correct for them.
  • Those who want the original suspension to be the best it can be before committing to expensive after market products.
  • Those who have bought and taken delivery of after market shocks and forks and/or re-valves and now want them setting up.

Am I any good? 

Please read my testimonials( Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and others), I think they demonstrate the benefits to be had by allowing me to set-up your suspension properly.

There you will find that each person benefits in different ways.

* Some have saved the cost of after market products they were planning.

* Some were ready to sell their bike as it was handling so badly.

* Some never realised how good a bike can handle.

* Others wanted help to set up their after market suspension parts.

A common theme is that they are riding safer and faster. 

Also, they all appreciate the small investment needed to fulfil the handling potential of their bike, and they all believe it’s the best value for money service they have ever had.  

How much?

Bike set-up                Cost             £40.00

If you want me to travel to yours to set your bikes' suspension settings contact me to discuss costs. (Not available while there are any Covid restriction or Tiers in place)

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