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 Mobile:- 0781 751 8087      Landline:- 0113 252 8199


I’m John Sanderson. Based in Leeds, I trade as ALPHA SUSPENSION SET-UP specialising in motorcycle suspension set up, to ensure your suspension gives you the best riding experience.

An ex racer with 10 years racing experience (and some trophies to show for it as a result). I still like riding my bikes and visiting Europe, Scotland and the Isle of Man. All of this at an enthusiastic pace.

I began as a toolmaker and eventually became the joint owner of a toolmaking company, before overseas competition especially from Asia played a large part in its closure.


My suspension tuning skills have been honed since the late 90 's, for the benefit of myself, and my friends, but I have been unwilling to provide this service to others due mainly to family commitments until 2009.

Now I tune suspension for pleasure and really enjoy helping riders with their set up and maintenance. This is a fully insured, above board business, which allows me to not only satisfy my passions it also makes for great therapy.

My reputation for tuning suspension has grown in the best way possible, through recommendation. (Please read my testimonial pages, On Line Feedback, Guest Book, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and others).

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